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Everything began for joke and passion.
Leonpresepi born into 1992, form a group of friends (ie. Gaetano, Gianni and Maurizio) with a common passion for building of prepepe, working with just the fantasy and few other row stuffs.
Gaetano and Maurizio were just 12 years old when every afternoon, after having study, went to the Gianni’s garage to learn how to build a presepe. At the beginning the two childrens just see Gianni at work listing his precious suggestions, with never take the initiative to build a their own presepe. But, after about a month, Gianni invites them to build a presepe saying: “build thinking to who will see it … you need to find a way that who’ll see your presepe will be able to empathize with the scenes even if just for a second… a presepe is not only an art but something more, is a vangelo’s page and it must been build with love as well as with artistic passion”.

Early on Gianni, already part of the “Associazione Italiana Amici del Presepe”, invites the two guys to follow him at first National Congress that took place at Nicotera: it was an unique experience that will be never forget. The Congress heats even more their passion for the presepe; during all return trip they always discuss about how to build the next presepe, which materials use (plaster of cork?), which dimension of the shepherds etc. The University Studies and the next Laurea in Information Technology didn't put out the passion of the two guys for the presepe. Jointly with their passion for the information technology they had the idea to build LeonPresepi, a perfect union between tradition and technolgy. By means of LeonPresepi every  prepepe builder o just a passionate for presepe can take lessons (eg. video, images) on how to build a presepe and be in contact with who has the some passion  through the forum. The Leonpresepi's passion and the knowledgement are in this way offered to everyone, giving the opportunity to experience the magic worlf of build a presepe.



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